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Download colour databases

Here you can find the current colour databases.

IMPORTANT: You do not have to log in Onedrive. Please use the red marked button at the bottom of the window:

Colour Database Download:

Download Aquaflex/Tintflex

To download the User Manual as a pdf file please click here:

User Manual

Spectrophotometer Database:

Download Spectrophotometer DB

The Online Tool for Distribution Labeling

As the tool is an online hosted web application, all that is needed is a PC with an internet connection and an up to date web browser. The application is optimized for Internet Explorer (at least 10). To print labels, you also need a printer that can handle custom paper sizes and blank labels, purchasable from AkzoNobel. Printing also requires to have Adobe Reader installed.

For direct access to the tool please follow this link:

Go to the Label Tool